These people who go after him, the woman who called him a rapist in a very disturbing blog post (actually, I think it was a series) on Live Journal, you can still Google it, so gross, such a disturbed mind; they seem to be legion, these people who want to tear him down. Is it because he has something they want?  Fame, money, respect?    But even beyond that are the people who take Joss to task for not saying, writing, DOING things the way they think it should have been done.  Most of the criticisms leveled at this writer for The Atlantic are dead accurate.  I mean, he wrote a mean-spirited attack not even knowing or understanding Joss’ audience for the speech, his consistent disgust with the word feminist (, or really, much about Joss or what Equality Now does.     And for the people who think Joss Whedon is egotistical, self-aggrandizing, disingenuous, using his self-deprecatory style of speech making to get off on, earn him friends in high places, and makes everyone who likes him kiss his ass, wrong.

Joss Whedon is but a man with a specific point of view.  I hope he avoids like the plague these masturbatory pieces written to draw attention to the author, not to what the author thinks is wrong with Joss:  “Oh look, I’m controversial, I’ve written a polemic about Joss Whedon.  I’m ready for my ticker tape parade now, Mr. DeMille.”  Norma Desmond, much?

So I write defenses of Joss in the comments section of these towering pieces of artistry (sarcasm? much) a few times a year with no illusions he knows I do this.  I feel that Joss is a friend, comrade, brother, and father stand-in who cares deeply about women and the ongoing state of our non-parity and non-equality in this world, and that most, very very most, of what he has produced has eased the heart and mind of this survivor of child abuse and psychological torment.  Art is a great healer and without Joss’ work, I often wonder what would have happened to me.  My defenses are not knee-jerks because I love him – my defenses are only if I am miffed, or in this case, truly insulted and offended.

Update 11/9/2013 at 2:58pm – Noah Berlatsky uses a different title for his piece on Twitter, in the process referring to Joss Whedon as “ignorant” – so Mr. Bertlatsky really is a disingenuous hack who just wants to attract attention rather than letting his writing stand on its own:

The Atlantic@TheAtlantic 21h

Joss Whedon’s ignorant argument against the world ‘feminist’  by @hoodedu


The article (Note the title that appears at the page, compared to what’s on Twitter, above):

My comment:


Jesus Christ, Noah. Are you even aware of what Equality Now does? You take someone’s heartfelt speech and then grouse about how he SHOULD have done it and what history SHOULD have been attached. I think Joss knows quite a bit about how, you know, women of color, racism and misogyny intersect, and the history of all that: In honor killings, in female genital mutilation, in human trafficking, most of that in third-world countries where Equality Now has hit the ground fighting these battles for women and children, battles he said in his speech Nov. 4 would never end and that we (he, EN, and members like me) would never stop fighting. Please don’t be on the other side of the line with the hash tag ass clown he mentioned. Do you even know much about Joss Whedon? Here are a few reference points for you:

EN Speech, 2006, Honoring Men on the Front Lines:…

His letter is at the bottom of the Huffington Post article:…

Let’s Watch a Girl Get Beaten to Death –…

  1. nypinta says:

    It’s almost like there is something in the air to be contentious of anything he says right now.

  2. Tonya J says:

    Yes, but I think there is always something in the air when he makes a comment, does a speech, and then someone writes mean-spirited pieces like this one, and then when confronted my reaction to their usual reaction is: “Methinks you doth protest your innocence overmuch” after they, whomever, has just thrown a huge pile of slime at Joss. I added another comment after I saw that Berlatsky has used a different title for his piece on Twitter, not the one used at the article page or at Whedonesque, calling Joss, “ignorant”. Sigh, I really can only do this a few times a year because really, these people don’t get him or what he stands for, and it does bad things to my blood pressure to get too het up.

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