It’s hard to believe it is almost five years since Joss Whedon wrote his plea to the Universe, almost five years that I have been a member of Equality Now because of Joss’ plea, and five years on April 7 (and it is already April 7 in some parts of the world as I write this), since Du’a Khalil was taken from this earth.

Please take the time to read the information below and find a way, if you wish, to honor Joss’ intent in writing his essay by honoring the memory of someone who cannot speak for herself.

Sadly, I have not seen a Day of Remembrance planned by an organization, so I tread my lonely path and remember Du’a.  Some things  you might do:

1. Find a photo of her online, print and put on your office wall, or somewhere at home.

2. Spread the word: Write a letter to your local papers, raising the issue of so-called ’honour’ killing.

3. Blog for Du’a: Write a blog entry for Du’a Khalil on the 7th April or post about her life on your forums (for reference:’a_Khalil_Aswad)

4. Buy Nothing But Red, the anthology written in Du’a Khalil’s honour

5.  Use the graphic below as your Facebook or MySpace profile for the day:

Why do I still care?  Because despite the fabulous work of Equality Now and the International Campaign against Honour Killings, women are still being murdered.  CHILDREN are being murdered.

What will it take to end these murders?  How can we reach the hearts and minds of governments who do not prosecute the guilty.  Or those who carry out the killings.  It is beyond comprehension.

By remembering, we are cognizant of the suffering, torment, and fear and that we will not stop until it is eradicated.

Helpful links:

All of these women are gone:

International Campaign Against Honour Killings: (at this time their website appears to be having some issues)

International conference against honour killings, April 12, 2008, 5-9pm, London
Maryam Namazie will be speaking at an Organisation for Women’s Freedom in Iraq conference in commemoration of Du’a Kahlil, the 17 year old girl who was stoned to death in Iraqi Kurdistan, and to denounce “honour killings” globally

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